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 [Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router)

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[Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router) Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router)   [Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router) EmptyFri Feb 19, 2010 6:14 pm

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##### Credits
This guide was made by Ragnaros (Pandora MU) and has worked for me.
So I am re-posting it here for you guys with some of my own edits to make it extra newbie friendly.
I will also be covering client side and MSSQL as well as bit of the webserver.

##### Preface
First of all i know there are a lot of guides out there, but most of the don't take the settings technically as they really work, so by following this guide it's impossible to fail.

##### Server Files Setup

For non-router users: LAN IP is
For router users: start->run->cmd->ipconfig->the IP Address under the "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection"(by default) is your LAN IP.

If you need your Global WAN IP (which you do need) visit a website like whatismyip.com . If the website doesn't work, go on google and search for 'what is my ip'. Notice that some people have static IPs (they never change), and some people's IPs change daily. If you have a dedicated server host, then your IP is static (note that you can have several different static IPs for the same server).

You can also use No-IP.org software if your IP changes often, this will be explained later in this guide.

[Data_Files] IP Configuration
\ConnectServer\Data\ServerInfo.dat (Optional, updater purposes, check Deathway's guide for reference)
\ConnectServer\Data\ServerList.dat (WAN IP)
\Data\Lang\Kor\CommonLoc.cfg (LAN IP)
\Data\CommonServer.cfg (LAN IP)
\Data\IpList.dat (LAN IP)
\Data\MapServerInfo (WAN IP, after the "S")
\DataServer\AllowableIPList.txt (LAN IP, replace the dots with a space, example -> 127 0 0 1)

[Links_Parameters] IP Configuration
ChatServer.exe WAN IP
JoinServer.exe /p55970 /caLAN IP /cp55557
GameServer.exe LAN IP 55970 LAN IP 5596x 5590x ("x" must be replaced according to your server type: Normal/Siege/SubServer)

Note that these can go in the 'links' program shortcuts at the end of the shortcut with a space.
- If you are using MuServerStartUP by SkyTeam they go in each individual section of the parameters for the application (remember to click on add, to remove old one, and to save!).
- If you are using sUploader by SCFMT (recommended) they just go directly in the parameters in the config file.

[Core_Settings] Game Server
\Data\Lang\CommonLoc.cfg (Connect Settings, Serial/Version Settings, Item Binding Settings)
\Data\ConnectMember.txt (Connect Filter [Reference: ServerInfo.dat])
\Data\CommonServer.cfg (Gameplay Settings)
\Data\DataServer.ini (Procedures Version, Account Settings, Port Settings)
\Data\Message_Kor.wtf (Internal GS Messages)
\Data\ServerInfo.dat (Server Name, Server Code, Connect Settings, PK Settings [References: Connect Server, Data Server])

[DB_Connectivity] ODBC
\EventServer\Data\SvConfig.ini (Reference: MuOnline_Event Database)
\RankingServer\SvConfig.ini (Reference: MuOnline_Ranking Database)

[Required_Ports] TCP Protocol
44405 (Connect Server)
55901 (Game Server)
55919 (Siege Server)
55980 (Chat Server [Friends System: Messenger][Requires ExDB])

[Required_Ports] UDP Protocol
55906 (ExDB [Friends System: Mail])


Best Regards
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[Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router)   [Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router) EmptySat Feb 20, 2010 12:12 pm

go0d guide thx
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[Guide] How to setup MuServer (Router & Non-Router)
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