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 [Guide] How To Setup MuServer 1.01e

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[Guide] How To Setup MuServer 1.01e Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] How To Setup MuServer 1.01e   [Guide] How To Setup MuServer 1.01e EmptySat Feb 20, 2010 5:51 am

d:\MuServer\ConnectServer\Connectserverlist.dat Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\ConnectServer\ServerList.dat Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\ConnectServer\Data\Connectserverlist.d at Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\ConnectServer\Data\ServerList.dat Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\CustomDB\config Put Your IP and SQL Server Password Here
d:\MuServer\Data\commonserver.cfg Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\Data\IpList.dat Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\Data\Lang\chs\commonloc.cfg Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\Data\Lang\Tai\commonloc.cfg Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\Data\Lang\Tai\094m\commonloc.cfg Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\EventServer\Data\svconfig Put Your SQL Server Password Here
d:\MuServer\GameServer\config Put Your IP and SQL Server Password Here
d:\MuServer\Gameserver\ms_config Put Your IP Here
d:\MuServer\RankingServer\svconfig Put You SQL Server Password Here

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[Guide] How To Setup MuServer 1.01e
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